Yanmar Machines Rise to the Top

3rd August, 2021

If you know anything about Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA machines, you’ll know that they are certainly impressive but how do they hold up when tested with other compact machines from various manufacturers.

Eberhard who specialises in foundation building, demolition, renovation and construction, are the ones who conducted the test. They wanted to evaluate the machines based on dimensions and engine power – they then tested 4 different manufacturers over a two-day period.

On the first day they tested each machine on their practical use. Focusing on their operating element configuration, the driver’s seat, comfort, space, output and power, lifting power, tearing power, drivability, swivelling and a lot more. During the test the machines were parked side-by-side and then made to move a piece of concrete, they were also made to drive up steep slopes to test their power.

The second day they focused on the ease of maintenance for the machines. This involved the placement and materials of tubing systems, the accessibility of service components, the ability to change the hydraulic pumps, the complexity of the electronics system and the configuration of the hydraulics components.

Yanmar Comes out Top!

Overall Yanmar gained the best ratings, both the SV100 and the ViO57 gained high scores in the construction, high durability, and ease of operation. Not only did they rate highly, the SV100 earned special recognition for its power, responsive operation, grading performance, precision controller and a strong swivel engine.

The ViO57 also set itself apart from the rest, with its highly sensitive hydraulic system, compactness, its design, and level of driving comfort.

Experience the machine yourself!

Here at MTS Plant, we also supply both the SV100 and the ViO57, meaning you can experience these brilliant machines for yourself and see why others love them as much as we do!

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