The 50th Anniversary of the Tracked Carrier

22nd June, 2021

50th Anniversary!

Yanmar are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the tracked carrier this year by renewing their company’s commitment to the development of top-performance products and solutions that can provide premium reliability and value for customers.

Yanmar, through their contribution to urban development, housing construction and infrastructure development, are setting out to achieve a society where everyone can live with peace of mind.

In 1971, by adding a cargo box to the undercarriage of a combine harvester, Yanmar created the YFW500D, the world’s first tracked carrier. The YFW500D was powered by a Yanmar diesel engine and could transport materials on soft ground where trucks and dump trucks could not enter.


How we can help…

MTS Plant also provide other tried and tested Yanmar dumpers, the C12R, C30R-3 and the C30R-3TV are all available to purchase now.