Using a Roller on Your Site

23rd February, 2022

Bomag Roller hire

A roller machine is a construction equipment that’s used to compress and tighten loose materials like sand, soil, clean fill and asphalt and other types of base or foundation material.

The compaction process ensures that the materials don’t come loose thereby creating a stable and solid foundation for construction projects. The compaction process has a huge impact on the stability and strength of a building.

You can find roller machinery for hire from MTS Plant at affordable prices. Here are some of the top benefits of using a road roller on your project site:

What are Roller Machines Used for?

Also known as a compaction roller or road roller, a roller machine features a heavy wheel that helps to compact foundations for a range of construction projects. Roller machines are commonly used for road works projects, landfills and agricultural purposes.

In the construction industry, roller machines are hired to compact gravel, concrete, asphalt and soil into a flat foundation to ensure the final surface is laid precisely and accurately.

No matter what type of roller machine you hire, they have some basic features like a drum (either a vibratory or a static drum), tyres, a water system, a compaction metre and a canopy to protect the driver.

The biggest benefit of road rollers is that they can help improve the load-bearing capacity of the surface. This makes the roller machine an essential part of a construction project.

While static rollers are ideal for clay and cohesive soils, vibration rollers are commonly used to densify granular soils.

Why Compact Soil?

Compacting the soil ensures that the ground (on which the building is being constructed) is more resistant to water, tree roots and flooding. It also becomes capable of handling more surface weight without experiencing erosion.

If you ever noticed an old footpath block that’s buckled down, it’s likely because the underlying soil is shifting or eroding due to water penetration or new roots.

Hire a Roller Machine

If you need sound advice about hiring the best roller machinery for your work site, get in touch with MTS Plant today. Our friendly team can provide expert advice and answer your questions to help you make an informed choice.

Whether you are looking for a dynamic roller or a vibratory roller, MTS Plant can supply the best roller machines at competitive prices. Contact us today for a free quote.