Guide to Tracked Dumpers

25th January, 2022

Be it a landscaping project or a construction site, transporting loose materials is a recurring requirement. That’s where tracked dumpers can come in handy.

A tracked dumper is a tracked vehicle that carries a load on a skip that could either be tipped or dumped. Most modern tracked dumpers are diesel-powered vehicles and often feature multi-cylinder engines. Some dumpers even offer features like pivot steering and four-wheel drive.

The tracking feature allows these dumpers to navigate any type of terrain, allowing you to accomplish the tasks effortlessly, on time and on budget.

Navigate Difficult Terrain Easily

The tracks on tracked dumpers allow them to navigate even the most difficult terrains effortlessly. Whether it’s a remote location or a steep incline, tracked dumpers can go where a regular dumper cannot. If a lot of your projects have difficult terrains such as rough or muddy ground, it makes sense to invest in a tracked dumper.

Use in Delicate Locations

Tracked dumpers come in handy when site conditions are unfavourable or when you are operating in delicate sites. Owing to their low ground pressure (sometimes as low as your foot), tracked dumpers can be used for reservoir roofs, motorway construction, lake and pond dredging and even wet sites.

Mini Tracked Dumpers are Easy to Use

If you are opting for a mini tracked dumper, you have your job cut out for you. Mini tracked dumpers are categorised as pedestrian operated vehicles and do not require much training to operate. Given their compact size, mini tracked dumpers are easy to reverse or turn, making them the ideal piece of machinery for hard-to-reach sites that larger dumpers cannot access.


Whether you are opting for a mini dumper or a full size tracked dumper, you can expect improved efficiency. Tracked dumpers can carry a huge load when compared to a wheelbarrow, allowing your construction crew to carry materials easily and quickly.

Buy Tracked Dumper Machinery

Tracked dumpers are an ideal piece of machinery for a range of industries. If you are looking for more information about tracked dumpers or if you would like to discuss your requirements in detail, get in touch with MTS Plants today.

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