Helping your Machines get there with Trailers

26th March, 2022

Plant Trailer Hire

When you want to transport plant machinery from one site to another, you must invest in the right equipment. With a plant trailer, you can transport your machines easily and without a fuss. Here at MTS Plant, we offer plant trailer hire services across the UK.

A plant trailer is a vehicle that’s specifically designed for transporting construction equipment and machines like skid steers, excavators, rollers and dumpers. Plant trailers are strong, robust and usually feature longer drawbars. They feature a ramp at the back for easy loading and unloading.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using hiring plant trailers.

Plant Trailers Can Carry Heavy Loads

Plant trailers are designed to transport plant machinery, so they can withstand heavy loads comfortably. Whether you want to move a road roller, dumper, loader or excavator, a trailer can effortlessly carry your heavy machinery from site to site.

These trailers also come with additional cross members that can support larger point loads that are typical of machines like rollers.

Trailers are Strong and Durable

Your construction equipment cost you a fortune. What’s more, they are an integral part of your project. Without them, you won’t be able to begin or complete your project on time.

Naturally, you want to keep them safe during transit from one site to another. You need a vehicle that can ensure their safety.

That’s where a plant trailer comes in handy. Specially designed to carry heavy plant machinery, plant trailers are built from quality materials and boast excellent strength and durability.

They feature some of the best features such as heavy-duty axles, fully galvanised chassis, five stud wheels and built-in mudguards, all of which go together to provide a safe ride for your plant machinery.

It’s Easy to Secure Your Plant Machinery on a Trailer

The security and safety of your heavy equipment and machinery is critical to the success of your construction projects. When you want to ensure your machines reach the site safe and sound without any mishaps or incidents, you must transport them in a vehicle that’s specifically designed for the purpose.

Given that plant trailers are designed with the specific purpose of transporting heavy machinery, you can be sure that they make it easy for you to place your equipment on the trailer and transport them securely. Trailers feature ample tie-down points so you can secure your machines.

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We offer a range of plant trailers for hire across the UK. With locations in Yorkshire, London, North East, North West and Scotland, we can cater to all your plant and machinery requirements. We also offer a range of plant machinery parts. Get in touch with us today for more information.