The UK construction industry to need 216,800 new workers by 2025

15th June, 2021

Due to an incredible bounce back, the construction industry is expected to need a quarter of a million new workers by 2025.


Thanks to considerable industry bounce back, increased output month on month and a number of key construction projects, the CITB predicted that the industry will need 216,800 workers by 2025.

Major projects, like the controversial HS2, are driving growth across a number of regions in the UK. Housing is also expected to be a significant driver in the demand for new construction workers over the upcoming years.

According to Plant-Planet, the most in demand trades are expected to be in wood trades and interior fit-out, construction professionals and technical staff, followed by construction managers, and electrical installation trades after that.


Steve Radley, policy director for CITB, said: “It’s great to see construction coming back so strongly and creating lots of job opportunities. We need to adopt new approaches to meet these growing skills needs and deliver these quickly. “We are working closely with government and FE to build better bridges between FE and work and make apprenticeships more flexible.