UK Construction is on the up!

4th June, 2021

March 2021 has seen UK construction output reach its highest peak since September 2019

The latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics highlight that the level of construction output in March 2021 reached £14,251m. This accounts for a 5.8% increase over the previous months output thanks to considerable growth in new work, repair and maintenance.

March output represents the highest since September 2019, before the pandemic began, when output peaked at £14,381m.

In a recent article, The Construction Index quoted a general increase in demand and confidence coming out of the pandemic as one of the key drivers of the surge in output. Other factors contributing to March figures according to The Construction Index included the return of workers to projects previously delayed due to lockdown as well as an uptick in new projects.

Quarterly figures also provide evidence of strong growth in the construction sector. Q1 2021 saw a 2.6% increase in output vs Q4 2020 along with a 12.2% increase in brand new orders. However, one area of concern for some businesses is the relative shortage of some materials, which, coupled with the increased demand for construction, is creating some supply chain issues for firms.

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