Skidsteer Maintenance Tips

22nd February, 2017

Maintaining any type of vehicle or machinery is essential to prolonging its lifespan, protecting your investment and optimising its performance. And the good news is that there are a few pieces of advice you can follow to keep your valuable equipment in excellent condition.

Basic Skidsteer Maintenance

Whenever you intend to use your machinery, carrying out a visual inspection of the key components which assure its smooth operation is necessary. While the specific details of this process may differ from model to model, there are a few core elements that deserve a regular check-up in almost every case.

For example you should investigate external elements like the rollover protection system, the working lights and indicators, as well as the controls within the cab.

The engine compartment should also be examined, with checks on the state of the oil as vital here as with any vehicle. The oil and fuel filters should also be on your watch list, while a thorough examination of things like the wheels or tracks, as well as the attachment couplings and hydraulics, will give you quick visual clues to if any maintenance is necessary.

Seeking Servicing

Identifying the problems which may be present in a machine should not be all that difficult if you read the user manuals and know what you are seeking. And if you cannot carry out the repairs yourself, getting help from qualified experts is the next step.

At MTS PlantĀ you can take advantage of a number of services relating to plant machinery maintenance and servicing, meaning that you can account for both scheduled work and unexpected faults which occur over time. This will secure your equipment against lasting damage and make sure that it is safe to use every time it goes to work.