Roads & Highway Equipment

23rd March, 2017

Yanmar ViO80 midi digger for sale

Repairing our highways is a never ending task, or so it seems. Extreme weather and increasing amounts of traffic mean that roads need repairing, resurfacing or building all the time. Fortunately, we have the machines to do so!

Keeping Our Roads Roadworthy

First of all, we have the excavators. These come in a range of different sizes, from the compact micro diggers which can access even the most awkward sites with ease up to the 8 tonne midi exacvators we see on our motorways. Diggers break the ground for roads, whether the purpose is creating a new road or removing sections of old road which are damaged.

Then there are the skid steer loaders. These are compact and maneuverable four wheel drive machines designed to lift and move loads or perform other tasks in tight spaces. They can be used on sites where space is constrained, because they need far less turning room than excavators or front loaders. They can be used to dig holes underneath an existing structure, for example, where the clearance needed for a conventional excavator’s boom would be too great. Sometimes these loaders are fitted with tracks instead of wheels, and can be used on a wider range of terrain. Their tight turning circle (they can turn within their own length) and the range of attachments available make them a versatile solution to many road building and repairing problems.

Dumpers and rollers are also necessary. Dumpers can move large amounts of material – they are heavy, four wheeled drive machines with a large skip attachment on the front. They bring material and remove debris. Rollers are required to finish the road and are used to compact substances such as asphalt, giving the road stability and durability.

In addition to these vehicles, MTS Plant will also carry a large number of attachments, so that the vehicles used can multitask.