Operator Training Courses

24th January, 2017

Bobcat Operator Training

Proper training provides plant operators with vital experience, allowing them to manage machinery safely and effectively. With the courses offered by MTS, it is possible for SMBs to bring their staff up to speed with the latest equipment, allowing them to make full use of all the features and functions on offer.

Course Options

Courses cover a range of different types of plant, meaning that you can choose the type of training which is most appropriate for the machinery your operators will be using on a regular basis.

As well as skid steer loader and tracked loader training courses, you can also benefit from schemes focused on excavators weighing under 10 tonnes, as well as compact forward tipping dumpers.

The length of time required to complete a course will vary depending on the machinery and the nature of the training, with shorter courses lasting just a day and comprehensive week-long training also on offer.

Industry Accreditation

Those who complete a course will be provided with a certificate in recognition of their achievements.

Anyone thinking about taking a course in a particular type of plant will be able to bring these skills with them when they return to the workplace with their current employer, or when they move on to pastures new. So there are long term benefits to consider.

The Lantra award operator training courses offered by MTS are worth considering, since they help familiarise operators with all aspects of a machine, from safety features to maintenance tips and useful settings. Such experiences are especially well suited to those working on smaller construction projects, where compact machinery is more commonly encountered and it is still necessary to ensure operator skills are developed and sustained.