Yanmar SV18 Excavator Review

18th May, 2021

Yanmar SV18 Excavator Review

MTS Plant’s Matt Watson Reviews The Yanmar SV18 Excavator

Yanmar’s SV18 mini excavator has proved our number one mini excavator for the past years running. Popular with utilities contractors, groundworks, and construction businesses the compact, robust and reliable Yanmar SV18 is a great all round machine with class leading reach.

Powered by Yanmar’s highly regarded 3TNV diesel engine the SV18 also provides great all-round performance and digging ability making it an operators favourite in the market.


Check out Yanmar’s popular SV18 mini excavator on site with MTS Plant’s Matt Watson in this machine review video.

This smooth and stable machine is a great excavator to operate, and thanks to robust build and Yanmars “full protect” kit included as standard it is a great machine to own too. See for yourself below: