Best Attachments for Your Vehicle

20th October, 2021

Once you’ve chosen the right excavator for a job, you need to choose the right attachment to help make the most of your project. With the right accessory attached, your excavator can become more than a digger.

A wide range of attachments and accessories can be used depending on your needs and requirements. Here at MTS Plant, we offer a range of plant attachments to help improve the productivity and effectiveness of your plant machines.

Digging Buckets

This is one of the most common plant attachments for excavators. An excavator bucket is a specialised accessory that helps with a wide range of projects such as handling bulk materials. Excavator buckets are available in a variety of sizes and could be fitted to all types of excavators including mini diggers and large excavators. This is a commonly used plant attachment in mining, construction and earthmoving industries.

Pallet Forks

You won’t need to hire a forklift if you have a pallet fork. You can use your excavator to perform the same tasks as a forklift. All you need is a pallet fork. Pallet forks are plant attachments that can be used to re-handle bulk items and pallets using the excavator’s arm.

Mounted pallet forks are excellent for moving hard-to-reach items and items that are heavy. They are commonly used in construction sites to life heavy and packaged items like bricks. They are also useful when you want to place items on overhead storage containers.

Ditching Buckets

These plant attachments are ideal for projects that demand greater flexibility when creating complex forms and shapes during the groundworks. Ditching buckets are a popular option with greens builders at golf clubs and landscapers.

A ditching bucket comes in handy when you want to trim slopes and other planes and clean ditches and rivers. When you want more efficiency and flexibility in your digging groundworks projects, a ditching bucket is an ideal accessory to invest in.

Contact MTS Plant for Quality Plant Attachments

Here at MTS Plant, we carry a range of plant attachments that can help improve the efficiency of your plant machine whilst helping you make the most of the available resources. Whether you are looking for digging buckets, ditching buckets, pallet forks, couple systems or spare parts, we offer them all. Now you can place your order online through our online shop in a matter of minutes.

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