Top Attachments for Landscaping Projects

28th May, 2019

The success of your landscaping business depends on a lot of things. One of those things is the use of high quality, efficient and reliable landscaping equipment. With efficient equipment, you can get the job done neatly and quickly, providing the best experience to your customers.

Here at MTS Plant, we not only provide reliable plant machinery, but we also offer an array of landscaping attachments for skidsteer and tracked loaders. Here are some of the top attachments you might want to consider for your next landscaping project.

Laser Grader

A laser grader can transform your loader into a high-performance grading machine. This attachment offers the desired grading finish on any surface. It features a blade that offers different movements for precision grading and surface levelling.

It features a bolster that oscillates with a view to minimising the friction that occurs on uneven ground, providing a consistent grading in diverse environments.

A key benefit of this grader is that it gets the job done 70% faster than traditional grading methods. As the finish meets the specifications precisely, it helps reduce your costs such as those on concrete overage (overage is reduced to just 1%).

Other cost benefits include a reduction in labour costs thanks to the grader’s easy operation and reduced job times.


The trencher is a great choice if your project involves cutting through soft ground for making trenches. This attachment comes with different chain and teeth options for great efficiency in different soil conditions.

This attachment can be used to dig trenches measuring 1.5 meters to 600 mm. Thanks to the loaders compact dimensions It can be used easily even in difficult-to-access areas such as close to fences, walls and buildings.


This attachment is used to ready the ground for planting. It is capable of efficiently preparing a ground that consists of hardened lumps of soil. The rotovator/tiller can be operated bi-directionally, which enables top- and under-cutting in two directions.

The attachment has an offset mounting, which makes it easy to till the ground close to buildings, sidewalks and obstacles, efficiently and safely.

Landscape Rake

The landscape rake is a highly efficient attachment for giving a smooth finish to a surface. It picks the surface debris including dust and most rocks measuring ½ an inch and all rocks that are ¾ inches in diameter.

There are 2 adjustable skis on the sides, which help achieve the desired depth. Once the debris is collected and filled, it can be dumped easily to a desired location.

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The key benefit of using these attachments is that the operator can continue working on the site with the loader even after the specific task is completed. This saves a lot of time, effort and money.

MTS Plant offers all the above attachments as well a fleet of Skidsteer and Tracked Loader to for hire. Our equipment is perfect for a variety of landscaping projects including:

  • Car parking constructions
  • Sports venue constructions such as football pitches and running tracks
  • Public parks and gardens
  • Equestrian venues
  • Golf course landscaping

With over 30 years of experience in plant machinery hire and sales, we offer extremely reliable equipment and service for your business. We offer a nationwide service with depots strategically located in West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Co. Durham and Lanarkshire.

We are an official dealer for many reputed international machinery brands including Yanmar and assure you of providing the highest standards of technical support and customer service.

Whether you are interested Bobcat tiller & rotavator attachment, the Bobcat precision laser grader attachment, Bobcat landscape rake attachment or our Bobcat trencher attachment, tracked or skidsteer loaders, for hire, and we offer the best after-market support on all our equipment and attachments.

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