How to find a Reliable Plant Hire Specialist?

31st January, 2023

Plant Hire

Completing a construction project on schedule requires extensive planning. From adhering to building regulations to managing staff, there’s a lot to consider. Another important aspect to consider is ensuring you have the right plant and machinery. It’s equally crucial to choose a reliable plant hire specialist like MTS Plant.

In this post, we share our top tips to consider when choosing a plant and machinery hire company.

Look for Well-maintained Machines

Be sure to choose a plant hire company that regularly checks and maintains their equipment. If you don’t see any mention of plant maintenance on the company’s website, be sure to check with them. And if they say they don’t, then continue your search.

Whether you are looking to hire dumpers, excavators or rollers, MTS Plant offers a wide range of plant and machinery for hire. All our machines are regularly checked and serviced to ensure you can complete your projects without any hassle and to the highest standard.

Check the Age of the Plant and Machinery for Hire

It’s important to consider the age of the equipment you are hiring. It’s important to discuss the machine’s age with the plant hire company. Avoid hiring extremely old equipment.

Older machines have a higher probability of mechanical failure. To avoid any delays owing to parts breakdown, be sure to hire machines that are no older than 2 to 5 years.

Be sure to check that the plant hire company offers insurance coverage on their plant hire. If you find problems with the machine, the plant hire service can claim insurance for repairs.


Having the right plant and machinery for your project is essential but so is support. The plant hire specialist you choose should offer support throughout the duration you are using their equipment.

For example, they must offer repair and maintenance services. You don’t have to pay for this support, the plant hire will have a team of engineers to fix any repair and maintenance issues that crop up. Alternatively, they should replace the faulty equipment with a new one.

Excavators and plant machinery for hire

When you need plant and machinery for a short-term job, it’s best to hire one, especially when you need the equipment only for a one-off project.

Looking to hire plant machinery or excavators for an upcoming project? MTS Plant offers a wide range of plant machinery for hire. Talk to our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.