Clear Overgrowth & Bush with Ease using the Bobcat Mulcher

16th June, 2017

The Bobcat Mulcher is a powerful attachment for a skid steer loader that effortlessly and quickly clears overgrowth, bush, dense foliage and small trees. The Mulcher is an efficient alternative to the time-consuming and labour intensive task of clearing such areas manually. This attachment can tackle large scale expansive sites as well as narrow winding forests with ease due to its powerful and compact form. The Bobcat Mulcher offers a modern approach to clearing unwanted overgrowth.

Complete Clearing in Minutes

With the help from a Bobcat Mulcher, a previously time-consuming and laborious task of clearing thick overgrowth is reduced to a matter of minutes. The Mulcher makes short work of large-scale areas, such as building sites and golf course maintenance but is equally as effective on tight forest paths. The efficiency in productivity that a Bobcat Mulcher would bring will certainly lower overall expenses.

Get Rid of Waste Organically

With traditional methods, there is the additional work of having to handle a huge amount of waste. This efficient attachment mulches the waste into the soil as it moves leaving behind a clear, flat pathway which again cuts expenses and time. Importantly, the waste is in turn dealt with in an organic, environmentally friendly and extremely safe manner.

About MTS Plant

We are Bobcat specialists with over 25 years experience. We offer this powerful Bobcat attachment – the FAE mulching head – for hire and sale across the UK.

We have supplied the FAE mulcher for a range of applications, including utility installations, on-site clearing for new constructions, paving woodland paths and more. Equipment performance and operator safety are our primary priorities so we also offer expert training on this device and many others. Additionally, our mulching attachment comes with a complete Lexan safety kit.

If the efficiency and ease of our Bobcat Mulcher attachment has caught you eye, please contact us at 0808 163 9482 for more details.