Buggy Path Repairs At Westerwood

21st September, 2016

With customer demand for golf buggies continuing to grow, many clubs and resorts are choosing to install buggy paths around some sections or all of the course. These paths provide golf clubs with a number of key benefits, including:

  • Reduced damage to the course from buggy’s and golf trollies (particularly on courses with wetter ground)
  • Increased buggy use (as buggy’s can be hired out year round as opposed to just when the ground is dry).
  • And increase golf course use (as members who require buggies to play can also play year round).

However just like any road or path over the years the weather and frost will take its toll, and potholes and other damage will begin to appear. This can be a real problem for clubs as repairs can often prove costly and areas of the course can be difficult to reach by large machinery. However, we were able to provide Glasgow based golf resort The Westerwood Golf Hotel & Spa with a simple and cost effective solution.

Our Bobcat compact loader and surface planer attachment were able to make short work of stripping the top layer of material from the damaged paths. The same material (now loose and broken up)was then easily raked neatly into position where it could be easily compacted using a Bomag 80 roller also provided by MTS. Once the work was completed the paths surface was smooth and compact, ready to be used once again by the fleet of Club Car buggies at the Westerwood. This method of repair proved highly cost effective, and was simple and time efficient to complete. Thanks to the compact size of the Bobcat loader accessing the required areas of the course was also not a problem, somthing which may have been an issue when using a larger surfacing machine.

Click the link below to see the Bobcat planer in action at The Westerwood:


At MTS Plant we can offer a range of specialist Bobcat attachments for hire across the UK. As official dealers for Bobcat we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right attachments for your project. We can offer a range of equipment highly suited to golf and resort maintenance and repairs, click here to find out more about our ground care and green keeping equipment hire.