7 Bobcat Forestry Attachments That Will Make Your Next Job Easier

3rd August, 2016

7 Bobcat Forestry Attachments That Will Make Your Next Job Easier

By utilising the range of quickly interchangeable attachments a Bobcat Skidsteer or Tracked Loader can become the ideal machine for a range of forestry and landscaping work. Below are the top 7 attachments for the Forestry industry specifically designed to save you time and make work easier.

1. FAE Mulching Head

With the FAE Mulching Head you will wonder why you had ever tried to clear overgrown areas by hand. This extremely powerful attachment will transform an area of thick bush and overgrowth to mulch in a matter of minutes, ideal for clearing woodland paths, outdoor sites, or managing facilities.

2.Tree Transplanter

The Bobcat Tree Transplanter effortlessly removes small and medium trees from the ground (including the root ball) and can transplant them into another perfectly matched hole created by the attachments overlapping blades at your desired location.

3. Auger

Ideal for creating holes for fence posts, thanks to the manoeuvrability of the Bobcat Tracked loaders and Skid Steers this easily interchangeable attachment can access hard to reach locations and coupled with a Bobcat Tracked Loader is ideal for rough terrain use.

4. Flail

Ideal for removing long grass, overgrowth and small bushes the Bobcat flail is simple to operate and is perfect for clearing areas of overgrown woodland, golf course roughs or even just cutting back parkland. The attachment adjusts to follow the grounds contours to provide a high-quality finish.

5. Industrial Grapple

This easy to use hydraulically operated grapple is ideal for picking up and moving groups of logs which can be easily transported around rough terrain areas thanks to the off-road capabilities of the Bobcat tracked loader.

6. Wood Chipper

Unlike a conventional towable chipper, the Bobcat Wood Chipper is actually carried by the loader allowing it reach areas of forest usually inaccessible by this type of machinery. The chipper can also be quickly interchanged with other attachments allowing for maximum machine usability.

7. Stump Grinder

This powerful attachment will grind away nuisance tree stumps, and even mill them to a depth of 280mm below the ground’s surface. Ideal for use at sites where excavating the stump will cause too much damage such as close to buildings or at golf courses.

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