5 “Ground breaking” benefits to using the Bobcat Wheel Saw on your next job

4th August, 2016


The Bobcat wheel saw will save you both time and money compared with most other methods of trench cutting in this environment. The wheel saw will cut up to 50m of trench per hour, which is significantly faster than other excavation methods.

Rock Saw Rental Road Saw Hire

2. One machine is better than Three :

Why hire/buy a 360 mini digger, a diamond saw and a breaker to excavate your trench when the wheel saw will the job start to finish for you.

Bobcat Rock Wheel Attachment Hire

3.Compact Size: 

Due to the compact size of the Bobcat loader, it can get where larger machines cant, such as narrow city centre streets, and even on large roads the Bobcat can perform its trenching work with less traffic disruption than a dedicated heavy machine.

Bobcat S550 and Sweeper Collector hire

Thanks to the extensive range of easily interchangeable Bobcat attachments there is almost always a job your loader can be doing. Even when the wheel saw is not required sites can be cleaned with the sweeper attachment, or materials can be moved using a range of buckets and pallet forks.

Bobcat Wheel Saw Attachment Hire

5.Reduced Back-filling:
Due to the wheel saws ability to cut a precise trench, the backfilling cost is significantly reduced, especially when compared to using an excavator. Recent Bobcat estimates conclude that for a 5,000m trench the cost saving on back-filling alone can be up to £6,000 when compared to other methods.

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