Are Doorway Diggers the Way Forward?

27th April, 2017

Mini diggers, mini excavators or doorway diggers, are compact machines employed at construction sites for heavy digging tasks. Compact enough to pass through doorways, these excavators are mini versions of their heavier brotherhood. Usage of doorway diggers has increased, especially in urban areas, where space constraints are common.

Benefits of Doorway Diggers

  • With their compact size and lightweight structure, doorway diggers make it possible to manoeuvre through small, narrow and space-tight areas.
  • Owing to their small size, doorway diggers can be easily transported from one location to another. They easily settle on trailers or bed extensions of pickup trucks.
  • Doorway diggers are easy to operate. Some doorway digger models such as the Bobcat E10 come with a joystick operation, which increases ease of machine operation. Joystick also enables users to achieve high precision in tasks.
  • Doorway diggers have a 360 rotation ability. They need not be adjusted to be in a suitable position with heavy machineries such as dump trucks; place the dump truck anywhere, and swing the digger to load the truck.

Drawbacks of Doorway Diggers

  • Doorway diggers have a limited reach given their arm length, which is shorter than heavy-duty excavators. These diggers may not be apt for large-scale construction tasks where speed is crucial.
  • Doorway diggers have less power compared to larger excavators. This makes them unsuitable for tasks that involve a highly intense operation.
  • Doorway diggers cannot be used during rough weather as they do not feature a protective operator cab.

Despite their disadvantages, doorway diggers are multi-purpose machines. They can take in different attachments such as hammers and augers and accomplish different tasks other than digging. They also accept buckets of multiple sizes, which increases machine productivity.

Doorway diggers will always be indispensable for construction jobs that demand easily-transportable and manoeuvrable digging machines with multiple uses. If you are looking for quality mini diggers, consider Bobcat’s E08 and E10 models. E10, in particular, is mostly preferred for its joystick-based design.

MTS Plant Hire & Sales offers Bobcat doorway diggers, including E08 and E10, for hire and sale. Contact 0808 278 6185 for enquiries.

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John Cassidy – Travis Perkins

MTS has been a great company to cross hire small plant in for our customers. The great thing about MTS is the friendly staff who are very committed to making sure Travis Perkins is a priority customer and will move things around in their daily transport too fit urgent orders in. Myself and my team now use Mts as our first point of call as we have confidence in how the business works from the staff to the machines themselves.

Paul Kinsella – Easy Driveways

MTS has arranged for us at times very short notice the most diverse ranges of hire equipment, even nation wide . We first started using MTS a few years ago now an don’t hesitate to call the well mannered and excellently informed staff, We have experience difficulties when on hire and the response was second to none ,from the delivery drivers to the mechanic’s, the professional advice and service we haven’t matched anywhere in my 32 years in construction.

The branch at Leigh is always ready to accommodate our needs and they do it with a cheerful professional manner every time .

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