Yanmar - A History of Innovation

3rd March, 2020


For over 100 years Japans Yanmar has been leading the way in terms of machinery innovation and performance. Today Yanmar is a global market leader in construction plant, agricultural machinery, engine technology and marine equipment along with many other industries.

60% of compact excavators globally are powered by Yanmar engines, so even if you haven’t operated a Yanmar yet there is a good chance you have been powered by one!

A History of Innovation:



Yanmar develops the worlds first compact diesel engine.



Yanmar develops the worlds first compact excavator. The YNB300 marked the birth of Yanmars construction plant business.


Yanmar develops the worlds first compact tracked excavator.


Yanmar develops the worlds first side type boom excavator. The YN600c allowed operators to work in limited access spaces such as next to a wall for the first time ever and gained the nickname “the wall magician”.


Yanmar also launches the worlds fist full 360 compact excavator during 1972 as proprietary technology is developed allowing for smooth and efficient rotation.


The worlds first noise reduction excavator is launched by Yanmar in 1976. This 360 machine become a global best seller with more 10,000 units sold worldwide.


Yanmar develops the worlds fist rubber-tracked compact excavator minimising ground damage and reducing noise. The YB400 could be carried by a 1t truck and was the machine which would define the micro excavator.


Yanmar developed worlds first 4-pump independent swivel control compact excavator. This technology would become the origin of hydraulic systems used in excavators today offering well-balanced pressure when working or travelling.


Yanmar launch the worlds first rounded body compact excavator the B3 which featured and almost circular cab allowing it to run with ease.


Yanmar developed the worlds first Zero-Tail swing compact excavator. The Vio40 allowed operators to work close to buildings or in limited access areas with peace of mind for the first time and packed strong performance.


Yanmars pioneering drive and culture of innovation continues today. View the current range Now: