Work Site Versatility with a Bobcat Skid Steer

27th August, 2014

Building sites are often the location where so much heavy plant machinery is stuffed into one place it is difficult to get a fluid movement between each machine. There is a constant battle for space and large machinery such as JCB’s can often get in the way of progress. That’s where the Bobcat Skid Steer comes in. The Bobcat is a tiny, yet extremely powerful piece of plant machinery that can fit smaller areas and make a huge impression on your building’s progress.

Bobcat Works Wonders
The versatility of the Bobcat can create the perfect opening for your building site and construction area. Its compact style gives the users outstanding performance. The state of the art technology prevents balancing errors and is small enough to get through an average door space. They are built with extras so that you can add and remove interchangeable components, switching fast between a digger and a drill, to a forklift and a roller. The versatility is never ending, and you will be surprised just how useful they can be in any building situation.

Low Weight, fast runner
The Bobcat weighs in at a level 1800kg and therefore is extremely easy to transport. The driver’s cab has a domed roof that protect the driver, using its additional ribs to reinforce. You will also find that the sound is dampened to lessen the vibrations and reduce driver fatigue. You will also experience more comfort with a seat bar, which give better protection.

Extra versatility is also gained with easy access to a large tailgate and transverse mounted engine. Users also benefit because there is no need to adjust the chain or the tension on the drive belt with the most modern Bobcat models. The latest models are truly worthy of a look.