Wearing the Right Workwear for your Job

16th December, 2016

Official Yanmar Service and Repair
Depending on the job you are doing, you will need different workwear to protect you from the hazards in your place of work. For example, you may need a protective helmet, fire retardant garments, boots or eye protection to reduce the risks associated with your work to acceptable levels.

Work Hazards

Aerosols, splashes and contaminated surfaces can all cause chemical agents to come into contact with your skin and cause diseases such as contact dermatitis or even skin cancer. To combat this risk you may need to wear protective clothing such as strong rubber gloves, goggles and coveralls. Skin can also be damaged by exposure to high temperatures, ultra violet or solar radiation. Other causes of skin problems include plants, animals, parasites and microorganisms and protective workwear may be needed if you are exposed to these.

Eye injuries from chemical burns, solid particles entering the eye, blunt force injuries and chemical or biological agents can occur, so eye protection in the form of goggles or a full face piece may be needed.

Ear protectors may be needed in conditions where there are excessive noise levels that might cause damage to the ears and safety helmets or hard hats can offer protection against falling objects or from impacts with hard objects.

We stock a wide range of protective footwear to help prevent foot injuries from punctures, sprains, lacerations or crush injuries. Appropriate footwear can also help to prevent slips, falls and trips in areas where the workplace floor is hazardous.

In some areas the wearing of high visibility clothing such as vests and jackets can offer protection against accidents that might occur if you were not seen by workmates or colleagues operating dangerous machinery.

Whatever your specific job, wearing the correct protective workwear garments and accessories is very important to allow you to carry out your work safely and effectively.