The 5 Benefits of Urban Area Greenspaces

18th April, 2019

A greenspace is any place that’s surrounded by trees, shrubs and other greenery. Greenspaces can include riverbanks, woodlands, meadows, public and private gardens, parks, wetlands, sports fields and other such areas.

Greenspaces are important because they promote good health, help reduce the risks of climate change, create natural habitats for animals and improve air quality.

Real estate developers and landscapers are being encouraged to strongly consider the integration of greenspaces into their urban projects for the following reasons:

  1. Greenspaces Promote Excellent Physical Health

Did you know that only 1/3rd of the population in the UK gets the recommended amount of exercise, and that the health impact of this lack in activity results in an economic loss of £1 billion per year!

Gardens and parks provide a relaxing and safe area for physical activities such as walking and cycling. Sports fields and parks encourage people to take up some form of sports and be active. It is a well-known fact that physical activity is crucial to keep your mind and body healthy.

  1. Greenspaces Promote Positive Mental Health

Studies show that people who spend time in greenspaces secrete brain chemicals in the pattern and amount required to lower stress and maintain a good blood pressure level.

Greenspaces provide an opportunity for socialising and relaxation. This social connection is crucial for the elderly, and people battling loneliness and depression.

Greenspaces also improve an individual’s connection with nature, which promotes mental well-being.

  1. Greenspaces Reduce the UHI Effect

UHI (Urban Heat Island) effect occurs when a region experiences more heat than its surrounding areas as a result of human activities. London, for example, sees a temperature that is 1-20C higher than the rural areas in its vicinity.

This change is because of man-made materials used in building urban areas. These materials absorb the sun’s energy at a rate higher than the natural surfaces that existed earlier in their place. The UHI effect makes urban areas more vulnerable to heat waves.

Greenspaces reduce the UHI effect with their capacity to offer shade. They also cool the air by using the water in plant leaves. Greenspaces transfer this water from the plants into the atmosphere using the excess sun’s energy.

  1. Greenspaces Reduce Carbon Footprint

Industrialisation in the last century has resulted in an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by over 40%. The planet is warming up gradually as a result.

Greenspaces with forest-like dense greenery are better at reducing carbon footprint than areas with fewer trees and a frequently-mown landscape. This is because landscapes with more trees are better at absorbing and storing carbon dioxide than their thinner counterparts.

On the whole, the presence of urban greenspaces ensures that more carbon dioxide is consumed by the greenery than that is let out.

  1. Greenspaces Improve Air Quality

The air in urban areas consists of tiny particles called Particulate Matter (PM), sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and other gases. These pollutants are released into the air by emissions from vehicles and industries.

Inhaling such polluted air increases the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. In the UK, exposure to particulate pollutants is estimated to result in 29, 000 premature deaths on an annual basis.

Greenspaces improve air quality by removing the particulate matter and gases from the air. Plant leaves capture the PM and take in the harmful gases, leaving the air much cleaner and breathable for people.

With the recent news of government funding greenspace projects focusing on transforming unused and derelict lands, the spread of greenspaces is expected to only increase.

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