Prepare Your Flood Defences With Plant Hire

29th January, 2016

Floods are often unexpected, and in many cases unavoidable. However, as with all emergency situations, if you are prepared for all eventualities if and when a flood does threaten, you will be able to set up appropriate defences and protect your home or business.

Whether you live or work in a flood risk area or not, it is vital to have thought through what your response would be to the threat of a water incursion, and how to best avoid the damage that it could cause. Your plan could include anything from sandbags to bringing in some serious machinery via plant hire.

Sandbags can be very helpful in a flood situation, so make sure that you have some to hand just in case. They have a dual purpose: to prevent the water from coming in at doors and windows and also to filter out some of the sediment in any water that does enter. They are obviously only useful in situations in which you have been made aware that flooding is likely in the near future.

You may also with to consider other ways in which you can protect your property from flood damage. Strategies could include installing special water-resistant floorboards and also airbrick covers. Precautions such as these should help to reduce the amount of interior damage caused by a flood.

Externally, in severe conditions, you may opt to excavate soil and build it up as a flood defence. While this may seem an arduous task, modern mini excavators are widely available via plant hire outlets and make short work of such an undertaking. You should find that, whatever your needs, there will be machine suited to the job, whether you need to move large amounts of soil or a relatively modest quantity. Similarly, you may opt to bring in a telescopic handler to help to put some hardcore flood defences in place.