Different Industries Need Different Machines

25th November, 2016

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There is a wide variety of plant machinery available these days, and it’s just as well, because there is an equally wide variety of industries which need to use, buy or hire these machines.

What are Plant Machines?

Plant machinery covers all sorts of machinery, including excavators, telehandlers, loaders and dumpers. It’s important to know which machine is best for the job you have in mind.

Where is Plant Machinery Used?

Telehandlers come in a range of sizes for different purposes. Small, manoeuvrable telehandlers are used to lift pallets and items in spaces that a normal forklift can’t handle. Larger telehandlers are used in agriculture and building. They can be fitted with a bucket grab and used to reach into spaces like high sided trailer to move loads. On building sites, they can be used like small mobile cranes, able to lift loads to heights of several metres. Because they move under their own power, they can be used in spaces where larger machines can’t operate.

Excavators also have a wide range of uses. Like telehandlers, excavators are mobile and so they are very versatile. They are used in the building industry for digging trenches and foundations and also demolition work. They can also be used in forestry, landscaping and agriculture as they don’t need roads. Used with a pile driver, they can be used to drive piles and with a hydraulic drill they can be used to drill shafts, as well as dredging rivers and shifting snow. Excavators come in a wide range of sizes, some small and manoeuvrable, some large and sturdy.

Dumpers are used for carrying bulk material around building sites or industrial complexes. Loaders are used to scoop and move loose material such as gravel, asphalt, snow, animal feed, demolition debris, logs or soil. It’s important to know which machine is best for you, and whether it makes more sense to buy or hire it from MTS Plant Hire and Sales.