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Self Drive Snow Clearance Machinery for Hire

Hire or buy Bobcat equipment is ideal for winter snow clearance. MTS can offer a range of gritters, snow ploughs, ice scrapers all for self drive hire.

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Don’t wait around for snow

We all know how the unpredictable British weather can be, and once the leaves begin to fall in autumn there is no knowing when the first snow will fall. Yet year after year, many UK businesses fail to prepare for the worst and are badly affected by a host of snow-related issues, including lack of staffing, customers unable access their premises, health and safety issues, and lack of deliveries to name just a few.

Here’s a few helpful tips from MTS on how to stay on top of what winter might throw at you:

  • Be sure to have a good supply of rock salt, grit, and snow shovels to clear all outdoor pavements or walkways. You will be glad you stocked up when you did!
  • Be prepared! Think about how you will continue to operate if key members of staff cannot make it to the office, consider how you can allow staff to work from home if needed.
  • Gritters and snow plows will often clear public roads. However, will your car park or delivery entrance be clear? Our Bobcat snow clearance equipment for hire could be the solution.
  • Encourage staff to prepare alternative routes to work in the event of heavy snowfall, or provide info on public transport routes.
  • Consider your customer parking, even once public roads are safe businesses stay quiet if there is no safe parking for customers. Our Bobcat loaders are ideal for clearing large areas of snow, slush and ice.

At MTS Plant we offer a range of snow clearance equipment for hire across the North of England, and Scotland. Our machinery can be easily used by plant operators. MTS also offer training courses for all Bobcat snow clearance machinery should they be required, click here for more info.


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John Cassidy – Travis Perkins

MTS has been a great company to cross hire small plant in for our customers. The great thing about MTS is the friendly staff who are very committed to making sure Travis Perkins is a priority customer and will move things around in their daily transport too fit urgent orders in. Myself and my team now use Mts as our first point of call as we have confidence in how the business works from the staff to the machines themselves.

Paul Kinsella – Easy Driveways

MTS has arranged for us at times very short notice the most diverse ranges of hire equipment, even nation wide . We first started using MTS a few years ago now an don’t hesitate to call the well mannered and excellently informed staff, We have experience difficulties when on hire and the response was second to none ,from the delivery drivers to the mechanic’s, the professional advice and service we haven’t matched anywhere in my 32 years in construction.

The branch at Leigh is always ready to accommodate our needs and they do it with a cheerful professional manner every time .

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