MTS Plant Host Bobcat Tough Jobs Demo

1st October, 2015


Last week saw MTS Plant host the latest in a long line of Bobcat Tough Jobs demo’s which have taken place across the EMEA area during 2015. The Tough Jobs initiative is part of a marketing focus by Bobcat as a company to promote the idea of the Bobcat skidsteer and tracked loader as a multi tool machine, capable of more than just carrying a set of pallet forks or a bucket.

Our customer demo event was to showcase the Bobcat Laser Grader, which is one of the more specialist attachments in the Bobcat range. The laser grader is ideal for use in the landscaping / hardscaping industry where precise levelling or grading work in needed. The grader offers many advantages and cost savings compared to traditional methods, including a vast decrease in the amount of time taken to complete the work, as well as increased accuracy and a reduction in the amount of staff needed on the job.

Local equestrian arena owner Michael Barber was generous enough to allow us to use his facilities at Crossly Farm in the West Yorkshire town of Mirfield (just outside of Dewsbury) for the customer demo event. The event would see the laser grader be use to prepare a disused section of his site ready to be turned into an outside riding arena.

The demo event attracted a steady flow of customers from a range of industries including sports field construction, civil engineering and industrial concrete flooring, all of which were highly impressed by the benefits which the laser grader could offer to them in their daily work.

The work was completed start to finish using Bobcat machinery, with a skidsteer and telehandler chipping in to distribute the new subbase material prior to the laser graders use to accurately level the area. The attachments were quickly changed after the grading work had been completed and a Bobcat vibrating roller was used to leave the surface perfectly flat and ready for the hose area to be constructed.

At MTS Plant we are able to offer the laser grader for hire across Yorkshire, Lancashire, Co. Durham, Lanarkshire and The Lothians, for those who would only require the machine sporadically.