Move big snow at small cost

10th December, 2012

Tackle Winters challenges – Light fluffy snow… wet, heavy slush

Need an efficient way to move snow at your business? Bobcat equipment is the smart choice for keeping car parks, drive- ways and pavements clear of ice and snow.

Combining compact size, tight turning ability and ease of operation with plenty of power and speed, Bobcat machines are ideal for all types of snow removal work.


The Bobcat Bucket is ideal for all types of material handling including snow clearance.

Bucket details

Angle Broom

Featuring a high torque motor and polypropylene wafer bristles, the Angle Broom makes is easy to sweep flush to the curb or wall on the right side. Use it to brush away dirt, slush, snow or debris.

Angle broom details

Snow Blade

The Snow Blade is an excellent way to quickly remove light or moderate snow from pavements, driveways and car parks. Angles right or left up to 30 degrees. High visibility mast helps you locate the blade corners.

Snowblade detailsWorking In Heat