Manage Snow Build Up With Bobcat Attachments

17th December, 2015

When heavy snowfall strikes, the UK famously grinds to a halt, with travel cancellations and business closures an inevitably feature. When staff can’t get into work, and normal business operations are disrupted, the wintry weather can be detrimental to the bottom line.

Lack of preparation can often add to the chaos, so make sure that your business can still operate if heavy snow puts in an appearance. A wide range of snow clearance equipment can be hired to ensure that paths, car parks and pedestrian areas are free of snow, making access to buildings or work areas easier. Whether you need to enable staff or customers to park; to allow trucks to deliver goods; or to provide safe access routes for pedestrians, a skid steer loader can cut through snow with ease, with the help of a variety of snow clearance attachments.

Attachments Available

A Snow V Blade is a powerful tool that attaches to a skid steer loader, where it easily slices through deep snow. If you need to clear pavements or footpaths from snow, the Snow Brush attachment is a popular choice. Another effective snow clearance attachment tool that can be angled left or right to get to work on heavy drifts is the Snowblade. For those businesses operating in remote areas, a Snow Blower will prove invaluable when piles of snow form, preventing safe and easy access. Snow can be blown up to 15 metres, so you can rest assured that this attachment provides effective results.

In addition to tools to clear snow away, a Salt and Sand Spreader attachment is a useful prevention tool, if heavy snow is forecast. When snow turns into ice, a Bobcat Ice Scraper will clear frozen chunks off the ground.

When you hire snow clearing Bobcats and attachments from MTS Plant Hire, you will find that the majority of the machines can be used by anyone with plant operator experience.