Carry Our Landscaping Work With a Mini Digger

17th February, 2016

Many of us like the idea of having a garden feature such as an ornamental pond, a barbecue area or a rockery, but the appeal of these things can wane when you think about the work involved in creating them – particularly if it has to be done by hand.

If spade work doesn’t appeal to you and the cost of employing a specialist is eye-wateringly high, then there is a solution that will allow you to have the garden you want with less effort and lower expense: hiring a mini digger. These machines are small enough to fit through most gateways so you can easily get one into your rear garden.

Heavy and Creative
Even though it’s small, a mini digger is capable of carrying out serious work. If you need to remove a tree stump, for example, or excavate trenches to provide drainage it’s an ideal solution. Plus of course the small size means that it can get to places which larger machines would be unable to access.

The small size of the machines makes them ideal for carrying out the more creative elements of garden landscaping work. If you need to level an area for a patio, excavate a plot to grow produce, or create a water feature, then a mini digger will make light of the work. It can also help with the tasks involved in laying paths or creating raised beds. Raised beds are ideal if you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables as they make it easier to control soil conditions and keep weeds down.

If you think it’s time for your garden to have a make-over and you don’t want the effort of hand digging or the expense of hiring a landscape specialist, then hiring a small excavator from MTS Plant could be the solution you need.