Bobcat Skid Steer A Farming Workhorse

22nd March, 2016


Bobcat’s skid steer loaders are equipped to handle a range of different jobs. And it is in agricultural roles that they can prove to be particularly effective, thanks to a number of different attachments which are available to enhance their standard capabilities.

Bale Handler
Moving bales is made easier with this sturdy attachment. It features two spikes which act to improve the stability of the load whilst the skid steer is in motion, with quick fitting allowing for the handler to be integrated with minimal downtime, keeping your skid steer hire costs to a minimum.

Cutters & More
Both flail and rotary cutter attachments can be chosen, making it possible for a Bobcat skid steer to take on ground care and mowing duties as and when required.
The flail cutter is particularly beneficial because it does not obstruct the operator’s view from within the cab and is powerful enough to get rid of tough foliage, including bushes, sticks and even small shrubs and trees.

Meanwhile the rotary cutter provides efficient brush-clearing potential, getting rid of grass and weeds which have built up over time. Maintenance is made easy thanks to a simple access solution, while the parallel linkage means that it works well over uneven surfaces.
Many of these capabilities may often be the preserve of much larger machines, but the inexpensive nature and manoeuvrability of a Bobcat skid steer can prove that a smaller model may be a far more practical alternative. This manufacturer is also known for making hard wearing, fuel efficient machines which make a little go a long way in agricultural environments.

The selection of Bobcat attachments for its skid steer range goes on and on, with graders and compactors available, alongside rippers and soil conditioners. And with skid steer hire from MTS Plant you will be able to take advantage of these features without breaking the bank.